Crew Salary Guide

This Superyacht crew salary guide will give you an insight into what the going rate is to work at sea on board a luxury Superyacht. Most, if not all, Superyachts pay crew on a monthly basis.  The salary on a private yacht is generally higher than that of a charter yacht, but since the only person to ever visit the yacht is the owner and their guests’, this generally means no tips but it may also mean more free time as the yacht is only being used when the owner is on board. An up side to this is that you may have more free time ashore to go sightseeing, but this will depend on where the yacht is based when the owner is not on board.  

Charter yachts on the other hand have a lower monthly salary but you can usually expect money from tips. The rule of thumb where tips is concerned is that the charterer will tip around 10% of the hire price. However, this can vary, and on occasion, guests have been known not to tip at all. The best thing to do is not expect a tip and then if you do get one you are mighty pleased about it.

If you do receive a tip from your charter guest then it is generally divided evenly by the Captain to all of the crew and then distributed when the funds have cleared in the yachts account, or it will be added to the following months wage.  The only time you may receive your time immediately after the charter is if the guests have left a cash tip.

Tips are generally divided evenly by the Captain to all of the crew and then distributed when the funds have cleared in the yachts account or added to the following month's wage. You may receive your bonus immediately after the charter if the  guests have left a cash tip.

On a charter yacht you will be extremely busy and most likely face back to back charters with small turnaround times, meaning you will not receive much time off, but at the end of your season you will have a small pot of gold to do with as you wish.

The rates below, in the crew salary guide are just an approximation of the current industry standards for starting salaries and are not specific to private or charter, power or sail yachts. Please keep in mind that there is no cap on earning potential within the Superyacht Industry.

Yacht Crew Salary Chart

(Amounts are shown in US Dollars)

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