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You may already guess that Superyacht Jobs are the best jobs in the world, and you are absolutely correct! Do you want to travel the world and be paid generously for it?. "Yes" I hear you shout. And who wouldn't! 

When you have a Superyacht job, it is the experience of a lifetime; some people compare it to being airline crewmembers in the 1960's. 

You can leave behind the dullness of your current job; drab walls, endless emails, faxes, meetings and deadlines, and instead say hello to azure beaches, amazing historical ports and tropical islands when you have a Superyacht job. The Superyacht Crew Bible will give you much of the information you need to land your dream job in this exciting industry.

While you are employed on a Superyacht, in your spare time you could be jetskiing in Jamaica, diving the Florida Keys, shopping in Monaco, sipping a mojito in Ibiza or dining in St Barths. What could be better than having nature as your office?

It may seem to good to be true, and that is because IT IS truly amazing that anyone can have this lifestyle. I can hear you ask yourself “if its so good then why isn’t everyone doing it?”. Well the answer to that is simple! Superyacht jobs are the best kept secret around, but the Superyacht Crew Bible will help you uncover those secrets.

Most people don't know a great deal about Superyacht jobs, but it is a fast growing industry. You may be surprised that you have already been exposed to it without realising it. You can open any gossip magazine to see photos of celebrities snapped onboard by stalking paparazzi (what they edit or crop from those photographs is the crewmember beside them serving them a cocktail or assisting them with their jet ski).

There are many Hollywood movies with scenes filmed onboard Superyachts such as, Fools Gold (2008), staring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall shows the beautiful 56m sailing yacht Regina. Martin Scorcese's film, staring Leonardo Di Caprio, the Wolf of Wall Street (2013) shows 45m Motor Yacht Lady M, and there are countless others.

Today there are thousands of registered Superyachts in the world and with the latest world recession now behind us the number continues to grow. Larger and more luxurious yachts are being built all over the world and at a growing rate, and guess what that means? All these shiny brand-new luxury yachts need professional crew members to live and world aboard them. Yes thats right, I mean YOU!! Right now there is a crew shortage of gourmet chefs, engineers, silver service stewards and deckhands and other skilled people that are needed to keep these floating palaces running.

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What is a Superyacht?

The word "yacht' refers to both the very large and luxurious motor and sail vessels that can be seen in exotic locations such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean sea. Some of the larger Superyachts are really small ships and many operate for commercial purposes.

To be more specific and to further clarify the term yacht, motor yachts are vessels that are driven by one or more engines, and those driven by sails are referred to as sailing yachts. Motor yachts are ideal for owners who wish to travel from place to place relatively quickly. Sailing yachts harness the power of wind for propulsion and, for the most part also have auxiliary engines for ease of manoeuvring in crowded marinas and anchorages where there is insufficient room to sail safely.

Sail yachts typically pay crew less than motor yachts, but the atmosphere is generally a little more relaxed onboard as it is less about getting to a destination and more about the sailing itself. Some compete in racing regattas, and all of the crew, including the interior staff will be encouraged to participate on deck. Motor yachts pay more but are more like a floating hotel. That's not to say you don't have fun on motor yachts, when there are no guests onboard, but the atmosphere generally tends to be more formal than on a sailing yacht.

A Superyacht is usually registered under one of two categories: private or commercial. A privately owned motor or sailing Superyacht is one that is longer than 24m (79 foot) and is only used by the owner and his or her family and friends. A commercial yacht is one that is available for hire or charter in return for payment. Both of these categories of vessels have certain rules and regulations to follow. For example, they must be professionally crewed, with crew sizes ranging from 2 to 70. The can only accommodate a maximum number of guests, usually 12, and of course, the larger the yacht the more expensive the running costs become. 

You may come across other terms for a Superyacht, such as Mega or Giga yacht. A Mega yachts is the American term for Superyacht, and a Giga yacht is the new term used to describe larger yachts usually over 100 meters in length. A significant number of yachts are now over 3000gt and require full merchant certification for all deck and engineering officers. This is an industry in which anyone from any background can break into.

There are many terms for the size of yachts, the specifics are undefined, but below is a brief outline as to what this all means in layman's terms:

  • A Super or Mega yacht has a length above 24m / 80 feet.
  • A Giga yacht has a length above 100m / 328 feet (typically they have five decks above the waterline).

A Brief History of Superyachts

Looking at this huge industry that stretches around the world, one would hardly think that the term "Superyacht" is just over a century old. The first yacht to be so designated was the 136m M/Y Savarona, launched in 1931, followed by M/Y Christina O, which was a navy frigate converted to a luxury yacht after World War II and later sold to Aristotle Onassis, who named the ship after his daughter

Since that time, even the name of yachting is associated with wealthy and luxurious living. Superyachts are the epitome of what the name yachting means to most people. The Savarona, the largest yacht in the world at that time, for instance was the first vessel to feature a swimming pool, Turkish bath, movie theatre and gold trimmed grand staircase. It was then that the concept of yachting for pleasure really took off.

The next few decades were somewhat slow, mainly due to economic uncertainty and political unrest across the globe. In 1998 however there was a huge upsurge in new Superyachts being ordered and new yards began appearing first in the United States and Europe and then spreading east to South and East Asia. The Superyacht industry is still growing rapidly despite the economic downturn in 2007.

The Latest Superyacht Toys

It seems there is no end to the amount of money the worlds super-rich can spend on life's extreme luxuries to show off their wealth. And wouldn't we all if we were in their shoes! Check out the latest submersibles, flying hovercraft and much more.

What Does it Take to Create a Luxury Superyacht?

The Construction of a Superyacht begins with a dream. A prospective owner will locate a builder. The builder will then assemble a team of interior, exterior and hull designers and begin the initial planning of the vessel.

Superyacht Racing Regattas

Superyacht Regattas are a series of sailboat races. These regattas are very exciting for both crew and guest's alike. The salary can be lower than on a motor yacht but the atmosphere is more relaxed. Do you have what it takes to compete with the best sailors?

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